Ahnd Atoll

Ahnd Atoll will be the highlight of anyone’s trip to Pohnpei.
The Atoll is located 10 miles offshore of Pohnpei (reef to reef from the south side of Pohnpei) or around 25 miles each way from our dock. A one-way trip usually takes around 1 hour, 20 minutes from our dock all the way to the beach at Ahnd (under good boating conditions). Ahnd Atoll is privately owned by the Nanpei Family Estate who manages and protects it. It is also a Unesco Marine Biosphere Reserve with many conservation zones. Rohsa (traditional title of the head of the Nanpei Family Estate), the administrator for the estate, and his family have done a great job in regards to conservation work to protect the atoll’s wildlife and making sure its protected from illegal fishing or poaching of any kind.

A day trip to Ahnd Atoll for scuba diving, snorkeling, beach time goes a bit like this depending on the activity you want to do. Most trips leave around 8 am, and return around 5 pm. Most dives are done at the pass or on the backside of the atoll where conditions are calmer. Snorkeling can be done at the pass or reefs around the beach. There are huts to hang out in at the beach and a there’s also a bbq place available for guests to use.

Remember, this is a marine protected area. No extraction of any kind of marine life (corals, fish sponges, plants, crabs, clams, etc) is allowed on the atoll.

DO NOT WALK OR SIT ON ANY LIVE CORAL at the pass or at the beach.

To visit the atoll you will need an entry permission from the Nanpei Estate, and we can arrange that for our guests. We can only visit the atoll with the permission of the owners and weather permitting. The weather we cannot change! To visit the atoll we need light winds for the 10 mile ocean crossing. We can only do it when winds are calm to ensure a comfortable and safe ride for our guests. We know how bad things can go wrong on these crossings from our years of living here on the island, so safety is always first for us.

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