Which is the best month to come?

We will let you look at the pictures and decide.

For the last 15 seasons, the waves have been good and not so good during every month of the season. Every year it is different. Every year Pohnpei does a different thing. Early season, mid-season, late season, on and off.

During our early season, September, October, November, up to mid-December, we get the cleanest conditions. There were years where September had more good days then peak season. That does not mean that any other days or month of the season runs under epic or bad conditions. Winds or clean conditions can come at any time.

Early season swells can come from typhoons to the West, from North Pacific lows off Japan or trade winds swells from the East.

During the month of December to April the trade winds can come back. The trade winds cycle can last all the way to May but not necessarily strong. Light to moderate trade winds are good for P-Pass and very common.

During the months of November to April, most swells come from the North and P-Pass is the place to surf.

As we said, we have seen perfect waves every month from September thru late April but not necessarily every month of every year. It is different every year.

On average 85% of our guests do surf good waves, 60% surf it under epic conditions.

So which is the best month to come? We will let you answer this question. Take a look at the pictures and decide.