Our Boats

This is where we hope you will spend most of your trip — inside the boats using them to get to the best dives, surf spots, fishing grounds, exploring Pohnpei waters or just cruising around.

Our main priority with the boats is to get you quickly and safely from point A to B. In fifteen seasons, we never had a boat accident with guests or a boat that had to be towed back to the camp from any unsafe location. Even if we have a motor problem we always have a boat on standby at the camp to come pick you up, or many friends on the island that would be happy to help us. Our boat pilots are born and raised here. No need of GPS for these guys. They know these reefs like the palms of their hands.

As of today, we have three boats in operation. From 30 to 33 ft long, all fiberglass and mostly Honda latest generation outboard motors. We total more than 800 hp in our fleet. Our boats are ideal for rides in the lagoon, to the surf, shallow and deep water, with an average speed of 25 to 30 mph under good conditions. We do take pride in our fleet of boats to make sure you have a safe and comfortable ride.

All our boats are very well maintained and equipped with cell phones, radio, first aid kits, GPS (when needed) coolers for food and drinks, ice, lots of shaded area, seat cushions, fishing and diving equipment (when needed).